The Heart of Mediterranean Cuisine at Huntingdon Valley

        I’ve been to a lot of restaurants that pride themselves for their special “foreign” delicacies, 5-star settings, or celebrity chefs. Servings range from exotic ingredients to gold-plated cakes but none of them became my go-to restaurant for special occasions, because apart from the food, I felt that the whole thing was just a generic ad campaign of many restaurants. Nothing really stood out — at the very core these restaurants were all the same.

That all changed when a friend of mine back when I was working as a consultant invited me to this restaurant in Huntingdon Valley, PA — Da Bistro Mediterranean Grill. I really didn’t care about the place and I told her that I had a better place to recommend but she insisted. I was glad I went with her suggestion.

The first thing that caught my attention was the ambiance — it was unbelievably soothing and relaxing, which is something you wouldn’t find in other 5-star restaurants. In many other restaurants that I’ve visited, the ambiance felt stiff and forced, and anyone would agree with me when I say that food tastes better when the atmosphere is relaxing. Your attention is directed at the food rather than that bright LED that’s supposed to be candle light.

As we sat down, we were greeted by a flood of hospitality from the staff — it was like the restaurant was tailor-made for us! I really appreciated Da Bistro Mediterranean Grill for that. Never have I found a restaurant in the PA area as great as this Mediterranean grill restaurant in Huntingdon Valley!

Now it’s time for the highlight — the food. As the name of the restaurant suggests, they serve wonderful Mediterranean cuisine, especially those great kebabs. I’d say that they serve food better than the restaurants in Barcelona. I told my friend this and she said that it was because the ingredients are fresh and they’re homegrown. Through these factors, Da Bistro Mediterranean Grill Restaurant has captured the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Also, every Tuesdays they serve special hummus for FREE if you order a meal or two!

Thanks to its ambiance, the staff, and the cuisine, Da Bistro Mediterranean Grill Restaurant has truly elevated fine dining into another level!